Ways to Repair Common Plumbing Problems

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Occasional clog or leak especially in the older home can’t be stopped even with the most thorough plumbing maintenance. It is important that your plumbing system must always be function and in good condition. Here are some ways to fix the common plumbing issues at home. 

Plumbing Problems

    Dripping Faucets 

Dripping faucets are like minor plumbing problems but it is quite annoying especially at night. A dripping faucet also increases your water bill, a single faucet is capable of sending hundreds of gallons of water per year.  

Water that enters your house is under pressure and moves through pipes. As you turn off the tap, silicone or rubber based washer acts as a seal that prevents more water from entering its way out of the faucet. The annoying drip is caused by washers that become torn, stiff or dislodged allowing a small trickle of water to pass through. 

If the faucet is leaking for quite a time, there is a possibility that the valve seat is worn or corroded, needing immediate repair by a professional plumber. Good thing, there are many plumbing companies like Rancho Cucamonga Plumbers that provides professional plumbing services and guarantees satisfaction of their clients. 

    Low Water Pressure 

You have a low water pressure when the water that is expected to gush only trickles from the top. This problem may not be related to your pipes but to the water supply in your municipality. The buildup of sediments or deposits on faucet aerators is a more common cause of this problem. 

The water that enters your home brings dissolved minerals that may deposit themselves on metal surfaces; these mineral deposits get stuck in the inner surfaces of shower heads and aerators. This causes clogging screens and slow flow of water. 

Shower heads and faucets at bathroom may not be that easy to remove but you can put a plastic bag filled with vinegar to shower overnight and clean it. If you still notice a low water pressure even after cleaning the shower and aerators, then you might have a complex issue and needs professional service. 

     Running Toilet 

It might be the time to replace the inner working of your toilet if you are sick and tired of jiggling the handle to make your toilet behave after use. Toilet repair kits work for almost all models and require less effort to install. 

    Leaky Pipes 

Leaks can be a costly nuisance, even if you have a regular inspection, you can’t be very sure that you will not have leaking pipes at home. Commercial joint filler and fitting compounds are sold in every local hardware store because leaks frequently happen at joints. 

    Slow or Clogged Drains 

You probably have a partial or complete clog if the water that goes into your sink, toilet or tub won’t go out smoothly. Your trusty plunger can sometimes do the work. Plungers use air pressure to get the clog but it can’t totally remove it.  

Commercial drain cleaners clog removers are used for most drains and it quite safe for using occasionally but can actually damage some pipe materials if frequently used. It is best to call a professional if you are experiencing clogs or a regular basis. 

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