Basic Components You Need to Know in Your Roofing System

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There is actually a lot to cover when talking about learning the different types of roofing materials. Some of it often involves some tricky terminology. In this article, you will be able to learn some definitions, which cover the basics.

The main function of your roofing is really to protect your house from different outside elements including – rain, wind, snow, dust, etc. And, this is also the major reason why you need a roofing that is extremely durable and performs really well and how your roofing system performs totally depends on how well it can keep out the outside elements at bay.

The kind of roofing that you have will also determine how outside elements – including water – are diverted. However, before we dig into the kinds of roofing materials, we have to know first the different basic components that make up the roofing system in your house.

1. Flashing

The flashing in your roof actually refers to the metal pieces, which are used in order to divert water from certain places where it might possibly collect, such as valleys and hips. Flashing can be made from different materials. You can even use a galvanized flashing to your roof, or a stainless steel, lead coated copper, copper, or galvanized alloy material. Each of these materials would certainly work fine to use as a flashing in your roof.

2. Underlayment

Your roof’s underlayment is the black paper that is laid over the plywood sheet to seal your roof from any damaging elements including ice, rain, snow, etc. The usage of a membrane is often required, a vapor barrier or sweat sheet, a waterproof membrane – with the underlayment paper that is service the triple function.

3. Trim

The trim in your roofing system is the one that protects the seams anywhere there’s a roof, such as a ridge or a hip.

4. Tile or Shingles

The tiles or shingles make up the roof’s most outer part. Sitting atop the underlayment, shingles or tiles form the outermost part barrier against outside elements. In residential roofs, the same basic kinds of roofing have been used for hundreds of years and they are still widely used today. The tile or shingle roofing has actually been used by people for thousands of years. As a matter of fact, nowadays, you can still be able to find intact tiles in shingles that have been in use in a building or structure or 5,000 long years. However, despite their history, tiles and shingles are just some of the many types of roofing materials that you can use in order to cover your roof. Others can include wood shingles or metal, as well as concrete.

No matter what kind of roofing material your home has, it’s extremely imperative that you only hire a professional and skilled roofing contractor in your area such as to install or repair your roof since they are the most experienced, knowledgeable and trained in this field. Aside from that, they are also trained to perform this job exceptionally.

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